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Originating from IRAN, exclusively produced in IRAN and perfectly organic by growth of small bitter almonds trees out of manís hand, without any fertilizer, free from pesticide and herbicide and any chemical residue, the growth region is in Mountains WHERE located in IRAN,  using of this commodity instead of usual bitter almond is increasing in all industries such as Food, cosmetic, chemical,Ö due to its organic quality and attractive price. Small bitter Almond Kernels are 100% bitter kernels.  


We are main producer of BITTER kernels in Iran, also we are SINGLE collector, producer and exporter of SMALL bitter ALMOND kernels in IRAN, up to now our BITTER KERNELS has been exporting mainly through brokers to European and North American Industries, we are interested in developing our activities by establish long term business relation ship with reliable industries and companies who are searching reliable permanent supplier and main producer of raw material. Also we are active in collecting, sorting and exporting agricultural commodities such as Spices & herbs, cereals, seeds, raisins, Galbanum Gum, dried nuts based on firm order.     



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SMALL Bitter Almond Kernels:

"Amygdalus Orientalis"


USUAL Bitter Almond Kernels:

"Amygdalus Communis"


Bitter APRICOT Kernels:

"Armeniaca "


Origin: IRAN

Appearance: The product will be free from extraneous odours and flavours, mould, alive or dead insects.

Moisture: Max. 6%

Broken: Max. 5%

(Broken for Small Bitter Almond kernels: Max.3%)

Foreign matters: Max. 1%


Prices for bitter kernels will be quoted according to quantity which must be Minimum one 20FCL and

 shipment time.



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